PTA/JTA+JUA Bogie Tippler Pack – ARC [CAIB] Mustard, Multi Pack 10 Wagons



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ARC [CAIB] Mustard (Outer & Inner) & (Inner)

Multipack Pack includes 2 ‘Outer’ PTA wagons, one of which includes a (battery powered) flashing Tail light, and 8 ‘Inner’ Wagons 

  • PR26815 (ladder)
  • PR26838 (ladder)
  • PR26831
  • PR26832 (ladder)
  • PR26844 (ladder)
  • PR26825
  • PR26829
  • PR26835
  • PR26840
  • PR26849


Common Features:

  • 2 Packs of five Wagons, each with individual running number and decoration
  • OO Gauge / 1:76.2 Scale Models
  • NEM standard coupler pockets with ‘kinematic’ close coupling functionality
  • NEM narrow tension lock couplers provided for Outer vehicles, with Knuckle couplers provided for inner vehicles.
  • Sprung metal buffers
  • Etched metal factory fitted detailing
  • Extra fine factory fitted detail plastic parts
  • Extra fine factory fitted Pipework
  • Individual lettering, logos and codes from real wagons for authenticity
  • BSC Axle Motion bogies
  • Blackened RP25.110 profile wheelsets with 14.4mm back-to-back measurements, and 26mm over pinpoints
  • Designed for easy conversion to EM and P4 gauges
  • Fitted, flashing red Tail Light fitted to one outer vehicle per outer pack
  • Each wagon is approx 165mm long